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Grace during a Pandemic

This year has been such an interesting one for me even before COVID-19. My oldest child started high school...eek...and my youngest started Kindergarten (still not believing she is this old!). Along with my middle son playing travel baseball, there were lots of emotions and way too many schedules going on and I kept telling myself that this is just a season to get through. Everything has a season.

My oldest jumped head first into High School and ALL of the activities that come with it. I am truly so grateful and blessed that he is uber involved and happy, but I was NOT prepared for the driving schedule, constant requests to do this or that and learning to let go a bit and give him his freedom. I eventually learned to adjust and communicate my expectations better with him and he learned to communicate his wishes and commitments better with me. I felt like we were getting the hang of it and then swim season started. If your child is considering the high school swim team, let me warn you now. Morning practices are no joke!! I was reminding myself every morning at 5:00 that this too is a season. In a year, he will drive and I will probably miss our quiet mornings on the way to practice. Just the two of us, spending a few moments together where I get to hear sometimes funny and sometimes shocking tidbits of high school life. This too is a season that will end.

So, when this pandemic hit and I found myself homeschooling a freshman, a 7th grader and a Kindergartener while still trying to do all of my wifely and head of household duties, be a good mom, friend, sister and neighbor as well as continue to grow a business I had recently launched. I found I needed to constantly remind myself that this too is a season and the only way I can get through this is with Grace. If you look up the definition of Grace, here are a few words you will find.

courtesy, politeness, civility, poise, thoughtfulness, diplomacy, respect, smoothness

This is how I will strive to live during this time, by using all those words above and hopefully after as well. It's not always easy. Nope, we all have our breakdowns and struggles and they probably all look different. Some of us at home with a full house of people are looking for some alone time while those alone are looking for extra time to connect. And everyone in-between. The best way I have found to lead a life of Grace is through embracing gratitude. I have a list on my phone of things I have found gratitude for during this pandemic. It's a running list and I add to it whenever I have a moment and then when I feel especially anxious or stressed, it really helps to reread it. Here is a bit I'll share with you. May you find Grace in the uncertainty and may your heart be filled with hope.

I am grateful......

For this time when my son needs a medication to combat abdominal migraines and it makes him extremely tired and now he has been given this time to sleep in. 

For this extra time with my 15 year old son.  He’s growing up way too fast and I’m enjoying his smile and laughter around the house. 

For family members who even far away try to bring a bit of humor to the situation. 

For my tribe. Friends checking in via text and FaceTime to make sure we all know we are in this together.

For living in modern times where we have the knowledge and resources to fight this pandemic. 

For my angel baby who always has a smile and positive vibe that radiates everywhere. 

For my loving husband who is my true partner in life and who is striving everyday to bring necessary services to those who need them the most in this trying time. Even putting themselves at risk to make sure people are connected to the world. 

My husband has job and will continue to receive a paycheck. 

For my neighbors who I know will always be there no matter what. We are all in this together. Support and checking in will save us. 

My parents and family are healthy and have a belief similar to mine. There is a bigger plan and God knows what that is. Faith is everything!!! 

This too is a season and may it be a season where we all live with GRACE.

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