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Spring Decorations

Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside during this trying season.

Spring is usually a time that most of us start heading outdoors to enjoy the warming weather and blooming flowers and trees. This year, Spring will be a bit different for most everyone. There is a lot of stress and anxiety floating in the air and it's easy to forget to stop and smell the roses. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy this usually welcoming season.

  • Take a walk and pick wildflowers or just greens to fill a vase (while still practicing all of the social distancing measures). You can also add these flowers to a wreath you currently have to give it a fresh look!

  • Freshen up the wreath on your door. This particular one is on my quarantine to do list. I made the wreath on my door more than a few years ago and the dried flowers are now different colors than when I started. Ha! I still have some sitting in a closet so I will use those that I have. You can also order fabulous faux succulents from Amazon to add to a wreath or to just put in a bowl to give your home a bit of greenery. I created this succulent display last year using the faux plants from Amazon. So easy to do!

  • Fresh Blooms! If you have to head to the store to pick up groceries or essentials, grab a flowering plant or fresh cut flowers while you're out. I guarantee they will bring a smile to your face. This little splurge can help brighten up your home as well as your spirits! If you want to go big, consider a flower of the month club! Most companies offer 3 month subscriptions which may be just what we all need right now!

  • Fresh Fruit- such an easy way to decorate. Grab a bag of limes or lemons and place them on your counter. Use as needed and then replace with another fruit the next time you are out. I am partial to doing this in a monochromatic scheme. Limes one week, lemons then next and so on. But, feel free to mix and match. Whatever you like!

  • Light linens and pillows. It can be such a good refresh for you home and soul to get new couch pillows or bed linens! Go for white or light colors. Don't be afraid to use light colors if you have littleness at home either. Just choose pillow covers that can be thrown in the wash and if you go for white sheets and duvet covers, they are easily bleached! These small touch ups can make your space feel completely new.

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