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Office Style Ideas

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Many of us find ourselves working from home in this new world. I wanted to share some tips on how to style your office without breaking the bank! Remember to always choose pieces you love and are inspired by!

Home Office- Source: A Brick Home
  • Spend the most on the larger, foundation pieces. Such as your desk and desk chair. These pieces will be the first thing clients notice and will be the center point of your office. Think about your budget and use a larger amount on the desk. Next, make sure you sit in the chair before you buy. Or make sure there is a good return policy. Nothing helps a tough day at work, like a comfy chair. 

  • Use inexpensive, yet stylish rugs and decor. There are so many places these days to get great office decor for a small price. Amazon, Target and Home Goods are a great places to start. You can find rugs under $100, small desk lamps for $40 and stylish organizational pieces as well! 

  • Artwork- You can find very reasonable art online from Amazon and Art.Com. You don't need to cover your walls, stick to pieces you love. Usually, 1-2 larger pieces will do. You can even take a black and white photograph of something you love and have it printed on canvas through places like Costco and Target. This is a great alternative to buying pre made artwork. Another great alternative to traditional artwork, is removable wall decals. This is a very trendy and inexpensive way to spruce up your walls. Removable wall decals add interest and style without the expense and work of traditional wall paper.

  • Greenery- A touch of greenery goes a long way. If you have the space to add a small tree, it will brighten up your whole office! Get an inexpensive basket or pot to put it in. This will make it look nicer and the look complete. If you cannot fit a tree,  add a small plant on a bookshelf or your desk. You can definitely use faux plants here as well. If you don't want the maintenance, faux plants are a fabulous option. There are a lot of great faux plants out there that look very realistic! Wayfair and Amazon have some of the best ones for reasonable prices. 

Whatever your style is, you can create a truly amazing office space that you will enjoy working in. If you'd like help designing or space or seeing it all put together, check out my e-design packages!

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