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How To-Kid's Room Decor

Updated: Jan 11

It's easier than you think to create stylish rooms for your kids that will grow with them through the years. Here are some easy, simple steps to help you along the way! As always, I'm here to help as well. Click here for more information on my design services.

  • Budget- Decide on a budget. Are you starting from scratch or just changing out a few pieces? How much do you want to spend overall?

  • Paint- Start with a neutral paint color. I always suggest to start with a neutral color palette for a kid's room. This way, you can add pops of color through the decor, bedding, window treatments, and more. Neutral paints will allow you to change out the decor as your child grows and his/her tastes change.

  • To help or not to help- If your child is old enough, let him/her help choose some pieces...with guidance. Giving your child some ownership of their space, will help them feel comfortable and secure. A safe, welcoming space will be that much more important as they become teenagers. Decide if you will include them in every choice or just a few choices, like bedding and artwork. Maybe even lamps and rugs. I always like to "guide" my kids choices when it comes to their room. Even though it is "their" room, you can still create a stylish space while enlisting tiny opinions.

  • Color and Style-I start by talking with kids about color. What they like, what goes together. Then move onto style ideas. You can show pictures of various styles from magazines or online. Decide on a style and accent color/s together.

  • Vision- Make YOUR plan for the room. Decide how you would like it to look within the guidelines you and your child already talked about. Start by finding the pieces you like and are drawn to. Start with big pieces (bed, dresser, desk, shelves, rugs) and move to smaller ones (window treatments, artwork, lamps, throw pillows).

  • Choices- I then lay out 2-3 choices per item that I think my child will care about choosing. Usually pillows, artwork, maybe lamps etc. I then present these choices and ask, do you like this pillow or this one? This round chair or this more square one? Whatever the choices end up being, they will all end up cohesive if you have a plan in place. For example, the pictures below show you two similar designs for a Boho Chic Girls Room. If you were to swap any piece in one design for one in the other, they would both still be beautiful and cohesive.

  • Have Fun- Yes, decorating should be fun. It's exciting to chose new pieces for a space and let your creativity flow!

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