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Successful Succulents!

A bowl full of beautiful succulents is the perfect housewarming gift! Or anytime gift. And, the best thing about this one is that all of the plants are faux!! No need to water or fuss over it. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your own gorgeous greenery.

Materials Needed

  • Dough bowl or other wooden bowl. It does not need to be food safe if you only plan on using it for this arrangement.

  • Faux Succulents. You can them at any craft store but I have found that Amazon has a great selection at reasonable prices.

  • Floral Foam. You don't need a lot because you can cut it to fit your bowl. Plan on enough to cover the bottom of the bowl and go about half way up.

  • Rock, Moss or other smaller faux plants to cover the floral foam that may show through the succulents.

  • All of these can be purchased from Amazon or your local craft and home stores. You can click on the images below for direct links as well.

How to Assemble

  • Cut the foam to fit in the bottom of your bowl. Don't worry it it's not tight, sliding a bit is ok.

  • Start with the largest succulents and space them out so they are not all on one side. Try to balance them out around the bowl.

  • Next, fill in the spaces with the other smaller ones. Pay attention to color and style as to not place similar succulents all in one spot. You can always move pieces around at the end to balance out as well.

  • Lastly, sprinkle the rocks through the bowl on top of the floral foam. This will help hide any foam that you can see through the succulents. Make any final adjustments to the placement of the plants and you're all finished! Set on a dining table, your kitchen island or any other place to enjoy!

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