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A Study in Black and White

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

There are so many beautiful color palettes to choose from when designing your space. And choosing a color scheme can be also very personal. You can go neutral (very popular right now), monochromatic, bold, pops of color or anywhere in-between. My absolute favorite is black and white! A black and white palette is timeless and classic and provides endless possibilities from subtle to striking. You may think it can be a harsh combination, but done right, it's amazing!

A couple tips to pull it off...

  • Add warm accents, like wood. Think coffee table, side tables, natural rugs, wood picture frames, etc.

  • Add texture. You can do this through greenery, throw blankets, pillows, rugs, accent decor.

  • Watch your proportions of color. You do not need to have 50/50 of black and white. You can have mostly white in your design with pops of black through artwork and accent pieces. Or, you can have a mostly dark room with dark walls and furniture and add in a pop of white through the rug and pillows.

The possibilities are endless! Don't forget to make your space personal by adding in your own photos, mementoes from travel, family heirlooms, etc. They don't need to be black and white to have a place in your home.

Whether you’re afraid of color or you can't get enough of it, these space are sure to impress!

Source: Pinterest

Here are some of my favorite black and white rugs to get you started! Click on the image to shop!

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