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Earth Toned Living Rooms

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Natural and earth toned spaces are very popular choices in interior design and home decor right now. They are also classic and timeless and a color palette you can't go wrong with. For Earth Day today, I am showing you how to create an earth toned living room that still creates interest and style.

When I'm designing a space, budget is of course one of the main pieces of the puzzle. You will notice that this living room ranges in price range. The Sofa, coffee table and artwork are on the higher end, while the accent pieces come in lower priced. Lower priced doesn't have to mean low quality. All of these pieces are still high quality and high style!

For an Earth Toned Color Scheme you can use neutral colors (white, taupe, natural, etc.), wood and other natural materials and add in pops of blue or green. These are all colors occurring in nature and by combining these colors with textures and patterns in the rug, pillows, throws and decor you create a calming and inviting space!

Click on the pieces below for more info! This is just a sample of an Earth Toned Living Room. You can really choose any accent colors you'd like. And the best part is you can easily change pillows, throw blankets and other decor as your taste and needs change!

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