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Simple Yet Stylish and Affordable Entryway

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The entryway to any home can say a lot about you and your style. It's the first room people see when they enter and the last room they see when they leave. Creating a stylish entryway does not need to cost a fortune! Below are some of my favorite pieces from Amazon Home! In this season of life, we are all social distancing and staying home. Ordering from Amazon is a great, affordable and convenient way to spruce up your home.

All of the above products can be combined for an amazing entryway for less than $500! The large natural wood mirror will brighten your entryway by reflecting any natural light coming in. It also give you a place for that one last look before heading out! The lamp and tray will nicely go together on one side of the entry table and you can put the plants on the other side. Maybe add another tall vase with the plants as well. This will give your table nice balance while still being stylish and welcoming! The tray will give you a great place to set keys, mail, sunglasses etc. I would place two-three baskets under the table to hold shoes or any other items you may want to hide. Lastly, the entry rug is durable and will stand up to traffic in and out of your home. Enjoy!

Here are some other favorite decor pieces that you could easily mix with the table and rug above!

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